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Leupold PinCaddie 3 Digital Golf Laser Rangefinder


Recreational golfers looking for an edge need the PinCaddie 3 in their bag. It provides precise, line-of-sight ranging distances, so you can eliminate errors on the course no matter what conditions you’re playing in.

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More Accurate Than GPS

Unlike generic GPS readings, Leupold golf rangefinders deliver the exact distance of every shot, every time, so you can dominate any course while also speeding up your pace of play. From lightning-fast ranging engines to lasers that ignore background noise to multiple pin and flag locking features, Leupold golf rangefinder technology helps take the guesswork out of every swing.

Waterproof Design with Fog Mode

From frosty mornings to heavy rainstorms, Leupold rangefinders are weather sealed for guaranteed performance in harsh conditions. And when heavy mist or fog settle in, Leupold’s Fog Mode helps the laser navigate through the noise to give you the distances you’re looking for regardless of the weather.