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PinHunter 3

The key to fast and accurate ranging is to lock on to the flagstick. Unsteady hands make it more difficult to get on and stay on the pin. Not anymore. Our improved PinHunter 3 Laser Technology (available on all GX rangefinders) eliminates false readings caused by background obstacles like bushes and trees and makes zeroing-in on the target fast and easy.

Flag Lock

Our intelligent Flag Lock Technology identifies the pin from the obstacles around it and uses the information to accurately locate and lock onto the pin. Leupold’s Flag Lock Technology eliminates the guesswork and guarantees an accurate range to the pin the first time, every time.

Prism Lock

Leupold’s GX Prism Lock Technology makes locking onto your target faster than ever before. You’ll hear an audible alert when the rangefinder finds the prism that’s attached to the flagstick. The distance is displayed instantly, speeding up your pace of play.

True Golf Range (TGR) Technology

Serious golfers know that the true strike-to-pin distance is rarely a flat line. Even the slightest incline or decline can have a big impact on how far your ball actually travels compared to the perceived line-of-sight distance that most rangefinders deliver. That’s why Leupold’s True Golf Range (TGR) Technology uses elevation changes and atmospheric conditions in order to generate the most accurate ranges on the market.

Club Selector That’s Custom Tailored to You

Club Selector gives you every advantage you need to hit the perfect shot. By pre-entering your normal striking distances for your 8, 6, and 4 irons, Club Selector will then make club recommendations based on the TGR of your shot.

For example, if you’re hitting a downhill shot to a pin that’s 183 yards away, the actual approach angle and strike-to-pin distance might be different based on the club you use. With Leupold’s TGR technology combined with our Club Selector, you know you will have the right distance and the right club every time. It’s like having a caddie in the palm of your hand.

Image Stabilization

With Leupold’s image stabilization technology, you can drastically reduce movement caused by shaky hands. It stabilizes both the image and the laser to deliver more accurate ranges, giving you more confidence in every swing.